Monday, October 28, 2013

First 5 Episodes Planned/Written

So I have over 25 episodes planned for every other week, but here are the first 5 episodes. We'll be filming the first 3 all at once and I'll be editing them that month so we'll have backlog.

1) Skannerz: Racerz

2) Super Barcode Wars: Dragonball Z

3) Barcode Battler II

4) Codemon

5) Monster Farm/Rancher

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Here's a YouTube video of a commercial in Japan for a barcode game.

We have logo. Now... how to put it into the dang blog... hmmm...


EDIT- figured it out. ;)

Temporary home until we get something more permanent.

Well, I should say if and when we get something more permanent. But yeah, we have this place. It's not much... but it's home.

So what exactly IS 'Scan This!'? Well, it's a brand new show by YCPT that will talk about games from all over the world (and domestically) that use any system that takes established data and uses it to create new or established data for a game will be featured here. Barcodes, music, QR and AR codes, even NFC codes can be used.

So basically... if it uses a "something" to make it into "information"... and it's a game... we'll talk about it. And there's a lot to talk about.

We're going to try to make this every other week starting soon. This is because we really want to complete the Famikamen Rider series but need more funds. And instead of doing more indygogo-ing... we're just gonna try to make something that could be popular. So please, watch the new show in November and join the fanclub!

Fanclub? Yup. More info soon.