Monday, October 28, 2013

First 5 Episodes Planned/Written

So I have over 25 episodes planned for every other week, but here are the first 5 episodes. We'll be filming the first 3 all at once and I'll be editing them that month so we'll have backlog.

1) Skannerz: Racerz

2) Super Barcode Wars: Dragonball Z

3) Barcode Battler II

4) Codemon

5) Monster Farm/Rancher


  1. that was a pretty cool episode. Glad to see you making videos again =^.^= I have never heard of these kinda games, but i am interested to see what kind of RPGs they made with them. I would like to put in a suggestion if you can find the barcode for them. Legend of Zelda 2 and Castlevania 2.

  2. I've learned about barcode battler watching Game Center CX episodes, and I'm really excited for the series. I'm glad you'll be covering Monster Rancher, I'm a big fan myself of the second game of the series.