Monday, November 11, 2013

SCAN THIS! Fan Club Information and other stuff

Ok. So.

The cards that came back from Kinko's were crap. So I re-ordered them through VistaPrint. I have gotten many MANY business cards from them in the past so I hope that they will do much better than Kinko's.

I odered them to be 3-day delivery, so in 3 days (if they all are good) I will open up the SCAN THIS Fan Club ordering. I'm not doing it now because I do't want you all to wait so long for your orders.

Also, I want to thank you ALL for enjoying episode 01 of the show. We'll be doing the show every other week and showing you all new and fun games that use those barcodes, QR, AR, cds/dvds/ pictures, and sounds. WHEW! That's a lot of stuff to scan and play! Well, that's the point of this whole show.

And WOW! I found ANOTHER thing that "scans" for a game! It uses... LIQUID!

More information as I find out more about it.

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