Saturday, December 14, 2013

New SCAN THIS! coming this coming weekend!

A lot has been going on, but I am excited to post the next SCAN THIS! Coming up in January, I am going to MAGFest. During that time I am planning on doing a BARCODE BATTLE CHALLENGE. At any time during the con (unless you see me filming something or doing something with friends... use your common sense) you can challenge me to a Barcode Battle.

1) Have a barcode or item with a barcode that you don't mind cutting out to use with you.
  * Tape it to the bottom/back of a playing card
  * Make sure that the barcode is at least one inch tall and clear (in the case of printouts, use a laser print)

2) We will play with either the Barcode Battler II or the Super Barcode Wars machines that I will have with me the whole time.

3) Each person will use one barcode per battle.

4) Each person that plays will get a free button.

5) If you win, you will get a special button stating that you won. HOW FUN!

So let's have fun with this, and I'll see you at MAGFest 12!

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